Dr. Kris Grimes, Pastor

Bro. Kris has been serving in the ministry since 2001 in roles as youth pastor, worship pastor, and currently senior pastor.  Kris has a passion for the expository preaching and teaching of God’s Word and to see that the church worships in “spirit and in truth”.  Kris originally came to Camp Pleasant Baptist Church (now Gospel Life) in September of 2016.  In addition to ministry, Kris also serves as a National Program Leader for the National Institute for Food and Agriculture.

Bro. Kris graduated from Centre College in Danville with a double major in biochemistry and religious studies. Following graduation, he joined the University of Kentucky as a fellow in the Graduate Center for Nutritional Sciences, where he graduated in 2006 with a Ph.D. After a brief hiatus to focus on local ministry, he decided to complete his theological training at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville with an emphasis in Christian Ministry.

Kris and Crystal have been married since 2003 and have two sons, Lucas (who serves in the United States Air Force) and Jackson (who is passionate about soccer, trumpet, and Fortnite). He also has a wonderful daughter-in-Law, Ally, and a beautiful granddaughter Annie.  In his spare time, Kris likes hunting, fishing, hiking, photography, and watching reruns of The Office and Parks and Recreation.